Welcome to Liverpool Radicals: Empowering Artistic Innovation

Liverpool Radicals is a trailblazing collective of influential business leaders dedicated to challenging the status quo for artists in the Liverpool City Region.

We believe in providing emerging local artists with opportunities to exhibit their talents and showcase their artwork across the city.

Our inaugural exhibition, “Look Up,” proudly showcases the works of visionary artists Steve Randall, Lost Hills and Alan Murray, embodying the radicalism and creativity that define our city.

Look Up, will open on 28th- 30th June 2023 at the iconic West Tower building.  It is free to attend, with refreshments provided.

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Well.. what a success our very first exhibition was!

We're so happy that each guest enjoyed Look Up as much as we enjoyed putting it on. 

The work and dedication that went into the 3 nights were spectacular, and now we have this fantastic video to relive the opening evening.

A huge thank you to BH Create for this work of art!😉

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Nearly a week since we opened the doors to our first exhibition Look Up!

A quick appreciation post to these 4 amazing people! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to challenging the status quo in the city.

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That’s a wrap 👏🏼 

A huge thank you to all that came to our first exhibition ‘Look Up’. We have been absolutely blown away with the response and we’re looking forward to the future (keep your eyes peeled)

From concept to delivery, the exhibition was immensely successfully. We all put our heart and soul into this. Thank you to everyone for your support- and to those who helped make this happen 🎨 

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The day has come 🖼️

Everything is in place and we are ready to open our doors to art enthusiasts, creatives, and curious minds alike. The space is set for an extraordinary showcase of talent, innovation, and boundary-pushing creativity.

As you step into the exhibition, be prepared to be captivated by the thought-provoking artworks and inspired by the vision and passion of @losthills_, @steverandallart and @alanjohnmurray4 . Each piece tells a story, invites introspection, and challenges conventions.

So, come and immerse yourself in the world of creativity and imagination. Step into our gallery, explore the breathtaking works and let your senses be awoken.

Liverpool Radicals proudly presents 'Look Up' – a testament to the vibrant arts scene in Liverpool City Region and the incredible talent it nurtures. Join us on this journey of discovery, connection, and celebration.

Welcome, guests! 

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We’ve been busy at work today setting up 3 floors of art ready for our grand opening tomorrow!!

The work that has gone into the Look Up exhibition has been magnificent, and we can’t wait to showcase the works of visionary artists @steverandallart, @losthills_ and @alanjohnmurray4, embodying the radicalism and creativity that define our city 🖼️ 

Free tickets are still live, if you fancy coming along tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, or all three- now is your chance! 

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🚨 Last chance 🚨 

Grab yourself a FREE ticket to our inaugural exhibition 'Look Up'! 

Join us as we celebrate the spirit of Liverpool Radicals on the 28th-30th of June.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary journey through history, art, and inspiration. 

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📍 West Tower, Brook Street, L3 9PJ

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An immense thank you to all those who have been instrumental in making our inaugural exhibition 'Look Up' a reality🙏🏼

Your unwavering support and expertise have paved the way for this event, and we are beyond excited to share the spirit of Liverpool Radicals 28th-30th June. 

Special thanks to;
Daniel Jones - Melius Finance
Ian Knox - Financial Advisor
Roozbeh Rajaie - Gallery Technician
Robert Rea - Samuels Law
Tony Reed - Bruntwood Works
Major Anthony Sandle - Risk Assessment
Andrew Weatherstone - Nonconform
Sophie Wilson - Tuesday Media

Join us for an unforgettable experience that will ignite your senses and leave you inspired! ✨ Book via link in bio.

📍 West Tower, Brook Street, L3 9PJ

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