We provide emerging local artists with a unique opportunity to exhibit their work in prominent, typically inaccessible buildings across the city region. Supported by mentorship and guidance from our business community, we foster their growth and development.

Led by Ian Seddon and featuring esteemed members like Tony Reed, Head of Commercial at Bruntwood Works, Daniel Jones, Director at Melius Finance, Rob Rea, Solicitor and Ian Knox, Financial Advisor.

Our vision for the future includes expanding into an Edinburgh Fringe-like model, with an annual exhibition selected by the previous year’s artists. We also plan to host spin-off events such as workshops, conferences, performances, and live painting/sculpting to engage the public and businesses, fostering connections and collaboration opportunities.

We want to give a clear message to the current and the next generation of artists, whether formally trained or not, that there can be a viable career path. We are committed to supporting artists on an ongoing basis, providing mentorship and business support pre and post-exhibition. Unlike traditional representative arrangements, all proceeds raised from art sold will go to the artists. Liverpool Radicals members aim to bring potential buyers to the exhibitions while at the same time, allowing the public to see new artists’ work – free of charge.

Through its bold approach and commitment to supporting local artists, Liverpool Radicals strives to redefine the artistic landscape of Liverpool, promoting inclusivity, creativity, and cultural exchange. Join us in shaping a new era for artists in the Liverpool City Region.